Our Classes are ALL LEVEL

We are meeting at 18 N. Main Street, Suite A, Fort Scott, Kansas

Power Basics

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Whether you are new to yoga or just need some time to ease back into your practice, this class is for you!

Power Stretch

This class is for all runners, cyclers, all-day sitters, cross-fitters and never-quitters. Whether you are training for a big event or sit behind a desk all-day this class if for you! These classes emphasize floor postures to stretch, open and release the major muscle groups of the entire body. Benefits of this style of classes include fewer injuries, improved sleep, and reduced aches and pains.

Journey To Power

Baptiste Power Vinyasa: Sweat. Flow. Transform. A dynamic practice that is the perfect blend of sweat, strength and power.

BE Strong

Every class begins slowly, awakening all the major muscle groups while focusing on breath awareness. You will move through a series of sweat-producing cardio and strength intervals curated to music. As your heart rate rises and falls you will surpass your physical and mental limits, revealing a new and empowered mind-body connection. Modifications given.

Spin Classes will return later in October. Details coming soon!